Important Not-to-do List of Meditation

Meditation, in essence, is an art of just being and not doing anything at physical or mental level. It is one of the profound ways of transforming life and finding what we all desire deeply — peace… Source: Important Not-to-do List of Meditation

Top life-hacks for the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is our basic nature and is always there but the fact is that we are getting away from it if we search it outside in pleasures, ambition, power, and possessions — which are simply ego symb… Source: Top life-hacks for the Pursuit of Happiness

Ego Dissolution and Realization of Essence

Don’t hold any belief, don’t negate, don’t welcome nor relinquish anything but just be as you are now and remain still. Become naturally silent inside out. Don’t think from your side, nor forcibly try to stop any thoughts. Just be with is-ness without doing or thinking anything. Just don’t force “not think anything” too because that will also add effort to your natural being. Just be effortless and totally relaxed and don’t support or cooperate with anything that pops up in your space automatically by inertia or past conditioning.

Curiosity & Enlightenment

Curiosity is meant for the Self and this world only and it doesn’t apply to God because we get curious about matters we know partially. Curiosity is not useful for something we already know fully or in case we know nothing. Although one additional point to note - partial knowledge is sometimes even more dangerous... Continue Reading →

Ever-Present Oneness with Ultimate and its Realization

Fundamental to grasp here is that nature is constantly changing and is ever dynamic and we, the consciousness, ever remains same and activity-less. We all recall our childhood that I used to do so and so things and now I am grown up and now activities and interests have changed. But I am the same as I was before during my childhood. The feeling of a sense of self remains the same.

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