How to Gain More Power & Sustain it

What one needs badly and believes in defines the core personality of a human being. With 3-4 months of writing answers on Quora questions, I can categorize most questions asked in below categories,… Source: How to Gain More Power & Sustain it

How To Handle Confusion And Gain Clarity

It is a very courageous thing for me to write about confusion because all my life I have suffered greatly because of confusion, from simple things to career choices and to whether live a life of a … Source: How To Handle Confusion And Gain Clarity

How To Dissolve Worry And Live Spontaneously

Triggers could be any — news, social conditioning, mental loops, perfectionism, immaturity, compulsive mental projections — but the fact is its pretty difficult to decide, work or think freely when… Source: How To Dissolve Worry And Live Spontaneously

Important Not-to-do List of Meditation

Meditation, in essence, is an art of just being and not doing anything at physical or mental level. It is one of the profound ways of transforming life and finding what we all desire deeply — peace… Source: Important Not-to-do List of Meditation

Top life-hacks for the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is our basic nature and is always there but the fact is that we are getting away from it if we search it outside in pleasures, ambition, power, and possessions — which are simply ego symb… Source: Top life-hacks for the Pursuit of Happiness

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