Ever-Present Oneness with Ultimate and its Realization

Fundamental to grasp here is that nature is constantly changing and is ever dynamic and we, the consciousness, ever remains same and activity-less. We all recall our childhood that I used to do so and so things and now I am grown up and now activities and interests have changed. But I am the same as I was before during my childhood. The feeling of a sense of self remains the same.

Realization of Inherent Innocence

We are spiritual beings expressing as humans and this spiritual dimension present in human form is referred as Jeev (Being) in scriptures and voices of Sages, until it realizes its true identity. We are essentially spiritual beings, indivisible and inseparable part of Totality, also referred as Existence, Divine and many other names. We inherit essential qualities of Divine such as innocence, which is the subject of contemplation here.

Permanent Fix for Loneliness – Affinity with God

Why does one feel lonesome? When humans believes someone as his own and if that person separates, goes away, or cheats then we feel lonely and disowned. Moreover, when we create our personal world of “me and mine”, the little private world, then affinity with Divine is weakened due to traffic of fresh connections we make in this world. Just for understanding sake, for example, a child is always with mother and never feels insecure in her presence and strong affinity exists between them but when the same person marries and acquires his “own” family status then his affinity with mother weakens and connection with her normally takes a backseat. Similarly more and more we create our personal connections in this world, acquire possessions and identify with it closely then we get farther from our original connection and belongingness with God. That gets weakened and obscured. All it means is, if one doesn’t accepts affinity with anyone except God then he will never feel lonely and his belongingness to Ultimate remains secure and strong.

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