6th Approach – Mook Satsang – Art of Stillness and Effortless Connecting to Boundless Being

Mook in Hindi means being utterly silent, not only in words but in thinking too. There are two types of thinking – one which is active and involves conscious attention, another is unconscious or sub-conscious which goes on in the background without even our noticing or wanting it. One kind happens automatically and another is what we do. In Mook Satsang we intend to 1) not do the conscious thinking for a while and 2) not cooperate or get disturbed with the thinking that is happening automatically. Neither we attach to good ones nor we repel the unwanted ones. In Mook Satsang, we attain naturally the company of Existence, just by being naturally and effortlessly still.

6 Approaches To Secure Sat-Sang – Science To Connect With Boundless

This post is a continuation of the previous one on Satsang - the most relevant thread for all - an enabler for regaining connection with our Boundless Self. We defined and understood the importance of Satsang and next thing important to grasp is various recommended approaches to secure Sat-sang. These approaches I stumbled upon in a very... Continue Reading →

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