Second of Three Core Mistakes – Desire Driven Life

If we somehow reclaim some free space from our busy lives and study closely our problems and tendencies then we can easily figure out some kind of desire exists in roots of every problem. Desire drives us for more and more possessions, bank balance, control and attention seeking. For a peaceful life, shift is needed from desire driven to purpose OR solutions driven. Desires leave us always with one of these states - waiting, agony of failure, or short lived happiness quickly replaced with waiting for next desire. This to me appears root cause of stress, economical imbalance in society, physical and mental illnesses. Let's take deep dive into it through questions & responses.

First of Three Core Mistakes – Possessiveness

There is deep philosophy which surprisingly everyone knows and ignores, and this ignorance is our biggest folly. Who does not know that nothing exists permanently in this universe and ONLY CHANGE IS CONSTANT? We have no control in either direction - stopping or accelerating change. This is governed by some laws, which we may not be knowing, but we are sure of one thing that this is not in our control and we have no independent rights on anything or anyone. Still we ignore most fundamental piece of inherent knowledge and continue to have strong coupling with money, things, persons, body and mind and create false understanding of me and mine. This puts us in constant struggle and in possessive mode. A possessive person affects himself and possessed as well.

Transformative power of effective and efficient judgement

Love and compassion or purpose is common thread connecting all of us. In purpose driven life i.e. making it useful for all - first and foremost thing is to pay attention to what life has taught us through challenges, failures and mistakes and it is really surprising to find that our conclusions do have great resemblance to core teachings of great masters and sublime scriptures. Many of them were devoid of external education but used their life's experiences to hunt the wisdom treasure. Because elimination of unnecessary releases the space and energy we need to realize our dreams.

Purpose driven Life – Why What & How

As per distilled wisdom, final crux from masters and results of my alignment with their teachings, ultimate purpose is MAKING OUR LIFE USEFUL to ALL. First step towards purpose is to drop fully the wrongs, foolishness and mistakes that we know of for sure in our comprehension limits.

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