Developing attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude sounds very simple but addresses many emotional issues effectively. We do feel thankful on certain occasions and events, but usually don't pay attention to HIS grace in day to day life. But there is hugely large number of functions happening in body and brain supporting the miracle we normally refer life.

Simplified crux of Meditation

Meditation happens and we can not make it happen. Only thing we can do is to cooperate when it happens and not interfere. Unlearning our interfering tendencies is all the wisdom we need to gain in this regard. We are in control and can take a step back, remain witnessing presence without meddling with popping in/out thoughts. Let's looks some basics to allow meditative silences to emerge in our day to day life.

Stop Wisdom Leakage Fully 

We have developed an itching tendency of fault finding, finger pointing, analyzing others’ mistakes, evil-eyeing, scratching, justifying, arguing, over convincing etc. This tendency of spending valuable time, attention and energy on useless or outside-our-control matters is what I refer as wisdom leakage.

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